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As printed in Niagara Frontier Publications - The Sentinel 2/24/2023

Last week we had the opportunity at our Business Blender networking event to foster connections. It was a great feeling to start an introduction between two people, which then turns into a conversation between groups of people who didn't know each other.  Why is it important that the Chamber makes connections happen? When you meet someone in person and strike up a conversation it is easier to connect with them in the future.  


We want members to make the connections to grow their business.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of networking. Let's take it a step farther and find out how the Chamber can make the connection work for you.


The Chamber has a database of member businesses, organizations and elected leaders that all have the same goals to grow their presence, achieve a positive bottom line and create a great place to work, live and play.  We share this database with our members! You can ask for it when you need it.  We can provide this information in an excel spreadsheet or print out labels for you.  

The only aspect of the database we cannot share is email address. When you make the personal connection, grab their email to keep communication going at that level.


We offer volunteer opportunities for members to work with others to achieve a goal.  Volunteer on a task force, committee or at an event.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to jump in and work alongside others. 


Consider running for our Board of Directors. The process generally starts every July and is a series of interviews prior to the voting process in November. The volunteer Board of Director positions do have a commitment of leadership with monthly meetings. All of our board members will tell you that serving leads to new connections and familiarity with other leaders.  They have been able to leverage relationships to share information and drive more business or presence to their business or organization.


What's the next step after an initial connection?  Schedule an in person meeting over coffee. Make sure the conversation revolves around listening, asking questions and finding a common ground as to how you both can work together or use your network to help. 


I have to admit, our Chamber is GREAT at making the introductions and connections happen.  Use us! For more information on Chamber connections, visit


Jennifer Pauly


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