Board Spotlight - Matthew DiCamillo

We are so grateful to have the leadership of Matthew DiCamillo on our Board of Directors!  Matt serves on our Finance Committee and also on our strategic direction task force for the Northwest Jazz Festival.  We appreciate his business insight and all he does for the community!

I serve as President and CEO of DiCamillo Bakery. DiCamillo Bakery was started by my great grandfather, Tomaso DiCamillo in Niagara Falls in 1920. After working as a caterer in the Abruzzi region of Italy (where our family is from), he moved to Niagara Falls in 1903 with my great Grandmother Addolorata and started working at the Nabisco Plant on Buffalo Ave. With his savings he was able to buy a house on Tronolone Place in Niagara Falls which, coincidentally, had an oven in the basement. Our first bakery was in the basement of that house. Bread was baked there and shipped to houses and stores throughout the neighborhood on horse draw carriages. The rest, as they say, is history.

I also presently serve on the Leadership Niagara Board of Directors, and the NFC Development Corporation Board of Directors.

My family and I love to support all kinds of local businesses in and around Lewiston, Youngstown, and Niagara Falls. Currently, my two favs are Carmelo's due to my love of great food, and Brewed and Bottled for my love of great beer.

In the summer, my favorite days are spent with my beautiful wife and our son around our pool, or playing a great round of golf, or going to a concert. Usually there is also some sort of ambitious cooking project involved as I do enjoy cooking. In the winter months, I'm watching hockey, playing piano, and thinking I can fix things around the house.

For me, in Leadership, it is important to know what I value most because our values are reflected in the decisions we make. Especially our toughest decisions. Good leaders thrive in 51/49 decisions because they can tolerate the repercussions of making the wrong one. That tolerance comes from knowing you did not compromise something you highly value in yourself.