Board Spotlight - Kyle Heath

Where would our Chamber be without Kyle and his family?  We are so grateful for Kyle's expertise in so many areas!  Not only that but did you know that Kyle and his family took our ideas to pen and paper, then from paper to an actual build?  The Lewiston Wreath and giant Holiday Chair was built by Kyle and his friends & family!   Not only that, but you can always find one of Kyle's children helping us out at a festival or event!

What is the business / organization you represent?

I serve as the KeyBank Lewiston Branch Manager. My mission is to lead a team of financial professionals dedicated to providing advice to clients along their financial wellness journey. We meet them in their moment of crisis, of excitement, of uncertainty, or any of the moments in between, to offer guidance and support toward their goals.

I hope our office feels a bit more like a corner bar than bank at times. We want to be a favorite part of your day. The relationship someone has with their bank is like anything else, what you make of it. We have the amazing tools and resources of a “big” bank and can help in many ways you may not think of, but we try to deliver it with a small town feel. At least that is my hope! Check us out.

What other organizations do you volunteer or serve on?

Lewiston Porter Academy of Business and Finance - Board of advisors BSA Troop 829 - Committee Chair Messiah Lutheran Youth Group - Adult Leader

What is your favorite local business to support?

Pretty much and food/drink establishment now that my kids are old enough to allow my wife and I some time out occasionally.

What are you doing on your days off?

Spending time with family and friends, working around the house, or getting out in nature camping or hiking.

What can you share with our membership on leadership? Anything regarding leadership (a leader you admire, your leadership style, leadership in your organization, etc.).

In my role I am so fortunate to have a great team around me. It made my transition from banker to manager seamless. Being available for my team is critical. If I’m approached there are 3 ways, I listen. I listen to listen (when someone needs to vent), I listen to validate (provide encouragement/agreement), or I listen to fix. Learning which of those to deploy at any given time is an ongoing struggle, especially for a fixer like me. But that awareness helps always.


Thank you Kyle for serving as a leader in our community!