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(As Printed in Niagara Frontier Publications - The Sentinel 2/10/23)

How important is networking to your business?  I admit, when I used to think of networking, I envisioned an outdated match making type of roundtable or a stuffy room where people trade business cards.  Side note – did you know there are some great alternatives to business cards you can use with your phone?  Ask us and we will get you the info. I have been to my fair share of business events where I didn’t know one single person and had to quickly use my social skills to strike up a conversation.  Networking events are sometimes uncomfortable and boring!  I get it!

The next networking event the Chamber will host is on February 16th at Casa Antica Lounge on Center Street in the Village of Lewiston.  We call our networking events Business Blenders while other Chambers call them Business After Hours.  I’m actually not sure how we came up with the name Business Blender, but it sticks and works for us!

What happens at our Business Blenders?  A few raffles, 50/50, sponsor recognition, announcements, hand shaking and some food/beverage.  It is a casual event that includes name tags and conversation and can help you make some great connections.   I am lucky to have a Board of Directors who will attend our programs and make others feel welcomed and comfortable.  They actively engage with attendees at these blenders introducing themselves and making sure members are connecting with others.  We want to help you develop working relationships with other members. If you are looking to connect with a specific business, organization or industry, let us know and we will help make that happen.

We also have our elected leaders attend the business blenders.  It is a great mix of community and business leaders, providing accessibility to those who help influence a lot of decisions that affect the business climate in our region.

Simply put, networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contact.  We invite you to consider stopping by the Business Blender on Thursday, February 16th beginning at 5pm at Casa Antica. Let us help you make the connections that count!  Details on registration / cost are available online at

Jennifer Pauly

Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce

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